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Hamda bint Ziyād Al Muaddib

Poster with information about Hamda bint Ziyad al Muaddib
Artist: Dayanna Knight
Profilers: Olivia Sederlund, Head of Technical Services, Goodnow Library; Kisha G. Tracy, Associate Professor, Fitchburg State University

Brief Biography

  • Moorish poet
  • Born in Guadix, Spain (Andalusia) in the twelfth century
  • Father was a mu’addib (teacher)

Name Variations 

  • Hamda banа̄t ziyа̄d de Guadix
  • Hamda, hija de Ziyad [or Ziad]
  • Hamdúna, hija de Ziyād al-Mu’addib.
  • Khansa of Andalus (nickname)

Selected Quotations

From Matar, In the Lands of the Christians (128):

  • “When the slanderers wanted to separate us, despite not
    having any revenge against me or you;
    They launched their attacks in our hearing, after which
    my protectors and supporters deserted me;
    But I attacked them with my eyes and tears, and with my
    breath [wielded] swords, death, and fire.”
  • “This Hamda is one of the poetesses of the Andalus. She is famous in that region and among all the poets and poetesses of the country.” — Mohammed ibn abd al-Wahab al-Ghassani (1690-91)

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