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The purpose of The Lone Medievalist site is to cultivate a community where lone medievalists can make connections, share and gather ideas, and engage in the larger collective that is Medieval Studies. It will be a space for conversation, requests for assistance, introductions, entertainment, and education. By creating this site, we hope to introduce and include more people into an intricate web comprised of like-minded educators and enthusiasts.

We at LM wish to offer our appreciation and support for those working to address the political and structural challenges facing medieval studies. The Lone Medievalist supports diverse perspectives within medieval studies and stands with our colleagues who champion those views. LM exists to support the academic, pedagogical, and intellectual endeavors of medievalists who are, or feel, isolated in their work. LM strives to be a network wherein all scholars are welcome, all perspectives are valued, and all colleagues are treated with professional courtesy. Personal attacks, especially by senior colleagues, against those whose positions are marginal, vulnerable, or informed by different experience are counterproductive. Intellectual rigor demands that we seek out new ideas and acknowledge the incompleteness of any one perspective. We welcome all those who seek a nuanced understanding of the Middle Ages, from whatever perspective and in whatever professional capacity.

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