2018 Lone Medievalist Prize for Scholarly Outreach
Paul B. Sturtevant and The Public Medievalist 
We are proud to award the 2018 Lone Medievalist Prize for Scholarly Outreach to the editors and staff of The Public MedievalistThe Public Medievalist’s commitment to bridging academic and public discourse has provided a growing number of medievalists with the opportunity to speak to our cultural moment. To take one example, the site’s 2017-2018 series of 42 short essays on “Race, Racism, and the Middle Ages” has been indispensable as a means of engaging with perceptions and misconceptions of the medieval world in modern culture. As a collaborative platform for medieval studies outreach, The Public Medievalist champions the work of medievalists while making participation in public discourse accessible to members of the profession.
Honorable Mention: Dayanna Knight, The Viking Coloring Book
Dayanna Knight’s Viking Coloring Book project combines dedication to public outreach and teaching with an entertaining visual approach, introducing young and/or artistic people to the culture of the medieval Scandinavian world. A crowdfunded project with research heft, The Viking Coloring Book is a wonderful introduction to medieval material culture.
Honorable Mention: Danielle Taylor, The Medieval Scriptorium Beyond the University
Danielle Taylor has developed and runs a medieval manuscript workshop for the public. Her “Medieval Scriptorium Beyond the University” educates participants about parchment and manuscript production, combining hands-on experience with an educational seminar on the history of the process. Over 500 students and members of the public have already participated in Taylor’s “Scriptorium” workshop, bringing knowledge of this understudied facet of medieval life to a mass audience.